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Spartan airsoft inc

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This is a FULL AUTO ARENA with some locations being semi-auto only. We have designed the arena, rules, and regulations carefully to ensure safety but the most intense gameplay possible. The field is catered to MILSIM, SPEEDSOFT and FIELD players alike. 

FPS/Joules and RPS -

  • AEG/GBB 400 w/ .25g BBs. No RPS Limit
  • HPA has a strict 1.15Joule limit, chronoed with .25g BBs. ROF must be less than 40RPS (Rounds Per Second). All HPAs chronoed will be recorded to avoid "Joule Creeping". 

MED and Rate of Fire -

There is no MED (Minimum Engagement Distance). No mandatory bang-out rule. A "Surrender" or "Bang Bang" may be given and received, but is under the will of both players. As stated before, this is a FULL AUTO ARENA. You may use Full Auto or Semi Auto at any point in any game unless told otherwise or in certain locations (Office, Killhouse, and Embassy are Semi only due to safety). 


Objects are not to be moved AT ANY TIME UNLESS TOLD OTHERWISE. Some game modes allow for cover to be moved in order to gain a defensive advantage, and you will be told during the game mode briefing if this is allowed. The door to the Ready Room, Situation Room, or any door with a RED X are NOT to be kicked in or opened during gameplay. THERE ARE NO DOORS THAT ARE TO BE OPENED DURING GAMEPLAY; ALL ROOMS IN THE ARENA ARE DOORLESS.

We highly recommend thinking outside the box, but please mind the rules stated above. Hiding under "The Truck", crawling through "The White Car", hiding in tractor tires for cover, etc are allowed and encouraged. 


All Pyro and Cool Burning SMOKES are allowed during gameplay. Please be mindful when using them and understand air circulation through the arena is not as much as outdoors. If players have too many issues, the field will be aired out and we will not allow you to use your smoke grenades the duration of the day. So please, use common sense. 

NO EXPLOSIVE PYROS ALLOWED EXCEPT TAG ROUNDS AND R2Bs. The Main Ref may deploy Explosive Pyros, but players may not. 

Sound/Distraction Grenades are allowed and encouraged. Using a Sound grenade in the open or inside a building will not reward a kill. They are simply for Sound and Distraction. You may fill them with BBs, in which case any BB that hits a player is a kill.


If you have any unconventional weaponry, i.e. Rocket Launchers, Mini-Guns, etc YOU MUST PRESENT IT TO A STAFF MEMBER BEFORE USE. We will then decide if it can be used. We love thinking outside the box, and if the weapon is approved, it can be used under our rules and regulations regarding it on a case-by-case situation. 



If for any reason you must defog your lense, or have issues with your eye protection, please return to the Ready Room and fix the issue there. Once you have fixed the issue, you may return to gameplay by going to your team's respawn and respawning or waiting until the round is over (Depending on the game mode).



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